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How to Experience an Amicable Divorce in Miami

There is help available when a couple goes through the divorce process. When a couple mutually agrees to divorce and can communicate, discuss, and agree on the division of property, childcare, etc. divorce mediation is a possibility. A couple can avoid court hearings and the expense of litigation by choosing to file an uncontested divorce with the guidance of divorce mediation. A mediator assists a couple by guiding their conversation as they discuss the terms of their marital settlement agreement. The couple is in control of their decisions on a parenting plan, division of assets/debts and future rights and obligations. This helps to minimize the stress and animosity for an amicable divorce Miami.

What to Expect from the Divorce Mediation Process

FairVORCE is a divorce mediation provider that assists divorcing couples as they negotiate the terms of their marital settlement. FairVORCE consists of experienced court certified family mediators. They know how divorces are resolved and how to help couples reach a resolution and marital settlement agreement. The mediator simply guides the discussion with a structured process that enables the couple to focus on the negotiation of necessary subjects in order to achieve an agreement that will be approved by the court. FairVORCE is based on the couple’s ability to treat one another with respect as they work out the details of the divorce.

Choosing Divorce Mediation Miami

A couple should discuss the option of divorce mediation after reviewing details and resources at www.fairvorce.com. When the couple is ready, they can contact the Miami FairVORCE office for an amicable divorce in Miami, please call (305) 577-3000. For an amicable divorce in Ft Lauderdale, please call (954) 765-8000.They can then schedule their first mediation session and begin the negotiation process. Couples will discuss concerns and goals and explore options for resolution. Conferences are scheduled at times that are convenient to both parties with afternoon time blocks and Saturday conferences if needed. The cost of mediation is based on the time required to complete the marital settlement agreement with the cost divided between parties.

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