FairVORCE Mediation Institute: Certified Divorce Mediators Serving West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Stuart and Miami Areas.
End Your Marriage Happily

Couples preparing to divorce can avoid the arguing and negativity associated with separation. They can end their marriage happily by choosing to file uncontested divorce. The couple mutually decides to compromise on the details of the separation using divorce mediation. The couple meets together at the divorce mediation facility to discuss the details of the divorce while a mediator guides the discussion to provide a friendly, neutral environment in which the couple can come to a peaceful settlement of debt, property, support, etc.

Consider Divorce Mediation for a Peaceful Separation

Divorcing couples have spent enough time in a relationship disagreeing, arguing, or hurting one another with negative language. Divorce mediation is not the place for this behavior. It is a process for couples that mutually desire a peaceful end to their marriage through respect and communication. The divorce mediator is not an attorney and does not represent either party or provide legal advice. He or she is present as the couple negotiates the elements of the marital separation agreement. Once the details are discussed and agreed upon, the mediator prepares the MSA, which can then be reviewed by each spouse’s attorney if they so choose.

South Florida Divorce Mediation Centers

Divorce mediation enables a divorcing couple to prepare the necessary documents for separation without the need for the expensive fees of an attorney. Couples are in control of their discussion and are able to end their marriage happily. Couples interested in divorce mediation can contact the professionals of FairVORCE Mediation Institute. They have four convenient facility locations that include a divorce mediation facility in Ft. Lauderdale (954) 765-8000, West Palm Beach (561) 650-1010, Miami (305) 577-3000, and Stuart (772) 238-7490. The process of uncontested divorce with mediation takes six weeks or less to complete, allowing couples to move forward with their lives and end their marriage happily.

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