FairVORCE Mediation Institute: Certified Divorce Mediators Serving West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Stuart and Miami Areas.
Guidance is Available While Planning out Your Divorce

There are many factors that you and your spouse must discuss as your prepare to divorce. Divorcing couples can receive guidance through an organized and structured discussion that is guided by a certified family mediator. A mediator works with both spouses as they discuss the terms of their divorce. The mediator acts as a buffer between the spouses as they attempt to reach an agreement for their divorce. Planning out your divorce can take a great deal of patience and focus. Your divorce mediator provides a neutral environment in one of four mediation facilities located in South Florida. FairVORCE Mediation Institute has mediation facilities in Ft. Lauderdale (954) 765-8000, West Palm Beach (561) 650-1010, Miami (305) 577-3000, and Stuart (772) 238-7490.

Creating a Divorce Plan Step By Step

One of the first steps in planning out your divorce is to decide if you want to hire attorney or to avoid legal fees and use an alternate method such as Divorce Mediation. Mediation services are for couples that can set aside their differences in order to effectively discuss the terms of their divorce in order to create a marital settlement agreement (MSA). An uncontested divorce enables the couple to decide how to divide their property, debts, and parental responsibilities for themselves. Couples can discuss and agree on these vital areas and have the mediator draw up the MSA for their court hearing. FairVORCE Mediation Institute mediators have helped many families to get through the divorce process in a more peaceful and cost effective process. They have the knowledge and experience to assist you and your spouse in planning out your divorce step by step.

Divorce Planning: Getting Started

You and your spouse can separate without the cost of legal fees, without arguing, without anger, and in less time with Divorce Mediation. Mediators do not provide legal advice or representation. They do have an organized process that enables divorcing spouses to plan their divorce in a structured way. Couples can feel confident that they discussed all vital areas of separation and that they were in charge of their decisions. To speak with a FairVORCE Mediation Institute administrator call the mediation facility nearest you. They have locations in Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, and Stuart.

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